Likeafish Swim School Limited

Likeafish Swim School began operating in September 2010. We are proud to be partnered with 3 venues that offer excellent facilities in Carmarthenshire. We love teaching swimming, our swimming lessons are suitable for all ages and abilities.

We are proud of our strong customer relationships. All of our teachers build rapport and understanding of the individual needs of our swimmers. We tailor the lessons to meet our customer needs and aims.

We aim to give the best swimming lessons - with the fastest and most consistent results - in the country.

Likeafish Swim School Manager - Russell Sparks

likeafish swim school manager

Russell Sparks is a dedicated swimming professional. He teaches adults and children of all abilities in his current role of Swim School Manager of Likeafish Swim School.

A wide range of experience in teaching and coaching swimming from national swim teams to petrified adult beginners means he can support every and any individual need.

Russell has worked for the ASA and Swim Wales as a development coordinator, previously to these roles he has coached elite swimming in Carmarthenshire and worked for Private Swim Schools.

As a fully licensed ASA and STA Tutor he has trained hundreds of new teachers and coaches in Swimming.

Contact Russell today to plan your swimming lessons.